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Art of Colour Ltd offers epoxy resin stickers and magnets in a variety of shapes and designs. The company quickly produces a highly personalised project in a chosen quantity of elements. After manufacturing a desired number of copies, they are sent to the address indicated by the customer during the order placement. Depending on the size of the shipment, the entire process can take up to fifteen days. All the information is available on the company's website, where the clients are also able to make the purchase and customise the project.

Clear epoxy resin stickers

Epoxy resin stickers are so popular, because the crystal clear substance on their surface makes them seem almost three dimensional. Besides an avant-garde look, they are also extremely resilient - waterproof and not scratch-able, which is why they can be installed even on things placed outside. Their durability makes them a really good promotional product - the logo of an advertised company is going to be visible on the epoxy resin sticker for a really long time, reminding the customer and people in his surrounding about the given brand.

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13 Tansey Grove | M7 4TA Salford Lancashire | phone number: +44 0161 792 4044 | |

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