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There are many companies which offer profession CD manufacturing services. Printmasta, a reliable team from Poland, makes sure each order they are responsible for is prepared with great care and in the shortest amount of time possible. The company is also known for their affordable prices and quick delivery of the products. The team can perform DVD, Blu-Ray and CD replication and duplication, but also prepare unique packaging for the already made discs. All the services performed by Printmasta and their cost can be found on their website.

Professional CD replication

Printmasta offers CD replication for orders over 500 copies. This method of copying the data to a number of discs requires much more work, because the company has to prepare a glass master and a nickel stamper. They are used for the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, which have to be metallised and lacquered to create a perfect copy. A product of CD replication is an exact replica of the client's disc. The service is cost-effective and practical, especially with bigger orders, because it takes less time.

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